Cyberspace in the 2020s

In this week’s lecture, Ted presented an interesting quote from Kaspersky on the future of cyberspace.

The full quote from Kaspersky reads: “I am afraid this is the beginning of a new world, the 90s were a decade of cyber-vandals, the 2000s were a decade of cyber criminals, I am afraid now it is a new era of cyber-wars and cyber-terrorism.”

With cyber-space still in its infancy, it’s progressed far beyond what many thought and will continue to do so. As Kaspersky hints to in his quote, I’m curious to find out the next era of cyberspace. Will there be one considering the one we are in now is coined the era of cyber-wars and cyber-terrorism? How will cyber-terrorism evolve as more of our lives and identities are shifted online?

While I really don’t have any answers, all I can bring to the conversation is this piece titled The Future of Cyber Conflict. With references to science fiction, philosophical readings and the policies of big hitters like USA, Russia and China, this was a really interesting read and brought forward some answers to what the future of cyber space could look like through the lens of warfare and conflict.

Frank Tremain.


5 thoughts on “Cyberspace in the 2020s

  1. jonolow October 26, 2020 / 6:33 pm

    Firstly I must commend you on the remediation you’ve created. The content and image decision precisely mirrors the unknown, tragic cyberpunk future. The inquiry you’ve states has left me wondering about what the future holds for is. As the innovation is constantly changing and advancing its intriguing to perceive how far we’ve come. As terrorism is an enormous issue within society today its unnerving to know what cyber warfare may resemble.

    The article you’ve linked comparatively assisted my comprehension with cyber conflict, cyberspace and the digital dangers of cyber threats. We must determine the intentions behind the actions and the devices they are anticipating using. We must recognise and investigate into the minds of the government and what they are doing to combat the issue of cyber conflict.

    I discovered this particular book very fascinating to me that you should check out! I investigate a few pages and it helped me out a ton. The book highlights a new perspective of thinking about technology and also offers a moral/political reaction response to the challenges of living as cyborgs in the period of cyberspace.

    A similar video by national geographic discusses the war in the 21st century as a digital combat zone without the use of guns and bombs.

    You’ve illustrated your comprehension of this weeks topic well. In my blog entry, I study the term botnet and how the cyberwar influenced our society today. I may look further into investigating your ideas as this will be useful for readers into further outlining what the term is.

    Overall a fascinating interpretation of the cyberwar, I’m looking forward to next weeks blog post! Best of luck, Frank!

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  2. chelsealeebas October 29, 2020 / 1:34 pm

    hey i really enjoyed your blog i thought it was so informative ! it really is perplexing thinking about the expanse of cyberspace and how cyberwar and cyberterrisom could carry onto this space. Even more so thinking about the possibility of how intense and how far cyberthreats could go, what could they unhinge? I talked about similar things in my blog post but i concentrated on the three charactistics that cyberthreats take form of which were being broad, deeply embedded and diverse. Because of the development of the internet, everything is connected to a cyber domain which is why the thought of cyberthreats are confronting! i also loved your remediation its amazing haha keep up the awesome work!

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  3. rubylanzi October 30, 2020 / 3:50 pm

    Hey Frank,
    This blog post was, what I think, the perfect depiction of Cyberwar and Cyberspace, especially in the now. After watching Ted’s lecture I had similar views to you on what the future will hold and I love that this post really poses a question for readers to think about the future of our Cyberspace. It takes up so much of our time and there have been significant points in history that gravitate towards the internet and the media and so these questions and curious minds are what we need to stay ahead of the game and be aware of what is going on around the online world. You just never really know where the future of cyberspace holds. I found this great article on the future of Cyber War
    All in all, really great post.

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  4. Fionawas_here November 1, 2020 / 5:25 pm

    Hey Frank, great post! I agree with you in terms that a clear opinion on this concept cannot be formed simply because it is so fresh, but rapidly regenerate its way of targeting cyberspace and created new terms and concepts in the digital world. This article is useful in understanding more the legal elements in the cyber world and how the future defining of cyber workings need to continuously evolve with the times.

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