Walled Garden

This week in BCM206, we discussed the term ‘walled garden‘ and feudalism.

The walled garden is a concept I have been interested in since first learning about it in BCM112. The walled garden describes a closed ecosystem operated by a single party. A perfect example of this, is Apple and their iOS ecosystem.

In a cnet article, they detail how the walls of Apple’s walled garden is getting higher with iOS14. These walls are also beginning to impact reality, with virtual car keys being able to start your own car and you can share this with friends through iMessages. I wonder to what extent walled gardens will influence reality and how this will matter to the conversation of the internet being “free and open”.

Walled gardens serve companies and corporations while consumers are forced to adjust, or find cracks in the walls to slide through. A simpler version of a walled garden is how news outlets make their content subscriber based on a website. However, they will often upload the same article or news on a platform like Facebook where people can view it for free. Essentially, they’re competing against themselves and I think the walled garden in the news sense is how clickbait journalism really kicked off in a digital landscape.

Frank Tremain.


4 thoughts on “Walled Garden

  1. seanpix01 October 17, 2020 / 1:30 am

    I found your blog post to be well written and enjoyable to read, I really liked your implementation of a quality youtube video meme, had a good laugh, your explanation of the walled garden and example was great. Check out this blog post from Techopedia:

    Your article is very educational and successful in providing value to your audience. Good Job!!!

    Also, are you apart of the Apple ecosystem?

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  2. James Muggeridge November 1, 2020 / 2:33 pm

    Hey Frank, great blog post! You really showed a great knowledge of walled gardens and how they continue to grow. Apple is a great example of how these walls are continuing to become more secure and enclosed. The ‘virtual car keys’ mentioned is a very interesting aspect of the iOS14 iPhone software and how it has blended virtual reality into the discussion of walled gardens. I talked a bit about Apples walled gardens in my post and this article helped me to discover more about the development of an ecosystem compared to a walled garden. https://medium.com/mediarithmics-what-is/what-is-a-walled-garden-and-why-it-is-the-strategy-of-google-facebook-and-amazon-ads-platform-296ddeb784b1. I agree with your point made about walled gardens influencing the start of clickbait journalism in our society. Its great point made as news sites in this society have to find a balance between wanting a monetary sum for their work or more viewers.

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  3. elisemareehallinan November 11, 2020 / 8:50 pm

    Hey Frank, great post. I focused on “walled gardens” as well, referencing Apple, Amazon and Google all as examples of companies using products and services to keep consumers in their ecosystem. It’s super interesting how Apple is able to control the entire iOS ecosystem by having an overall control over iOS applications. Their motivation is to be included in all the most profitable value chains built on their platform (payments / ads / data / video / music / etc.) I discuss this in my post as well. I read this article on Google’s walled garden instead https://moz.com/blog/googles-walled-garden, discussing how google is building in-search experiences, from answer boxes to custom portals, and rerouting paths back to their own garden. Overall, great post!!

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