Civilisation of the Mind

For this week’s topic, we explored the origins of cyberspace and the birth of the World Wide Web and the network society.

The remediation of this week is based on Cyberpunk 2077 meme. When the cyberpunk open world game was first announced, people began placing the title over questionable inventions.

The person pictured in my remediation, is Hugo Gernsback, who invented an early prototype of virtual reality with his “teleyeglasses”. Gernsback originally had the idea in 1936 but was forced to dismiss it as impractical until 1963 when he felt the electronics industry was catching up. As I’ve discussed in previous weeks, I’m always amazed at the different philosophers, writers and inventors from the 1900s who could ideate these communication technologies before they were even created.

Another interesting point from this week’s lecture was cyber liberty. As I stated on Twitter, I struggled to find anything on this idea relating to countries introducing online laws and the potentially banning of Tik-Tok. If you had anything regarding the topic, feel free to reach out on Twitter!

Frank Tremain.


2 thoughts on “Civilisation of the Mind

  1. jonolow August 27, 2020 / 8:30 pm

    Hi Frank, I enjoyed reading your blog entry. I like how you’ve outlined a touch of the historical backdrop of the electronic industry including the prototyping of computer-generated virtual reality. The teleyeglasses must’ve been such a progressive idea for its time back in the 1900s and looking onto it now, it still looks super futuristic. Your cyberpunk remediation gel well with this week’s topics. I looked into some Cyberpunk memes myself and found some of the super funny, I definitely will have to include some of those in my blog post 🙂

    I also additionally discussed cyber liberty, and struggled a little with finding information on this topic, I found I needed to delve profoundly into a few Youtube videos to gain a more comprehensive view on this specific area. Cyber liberty is essentially characterised as internet freedom. It’s a universal term that covers computer rights, freedom of info, right to internet access, freedom from web restrictions and internet fairness. It impacts everyone and includes both you and me! Individuals use internet freedom to voice their opinions on themes they are enthusiastic about. An example could be a subreddit discussing their preferred rapper/artist. This is where digital rights are introduced are people have the option to communicate freely on the internet. Without this, we wouldn’t have access to the information needed online. With internet freedom, the government cant controls our data. As a user of Tik Tok, I feel it is a platform where anyone can share their opinions and beliefs but it being potentially banned as they are opposed to this. It likewise breaches clients rights to privacy and there are concerns about the relationship of the application to the Chinese government.

    I’m looking forward to reading more of your blog entries, keep up the awesome work! x

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    • elisemareehallinan August 28, 2020 / 12:39 pm

      Hey Frank, super interesting post. I’m enjoying reading other people’s posts on cyberpunk because I focused on a different area of this weeks topic, so it’s super interesting to hear and learn about something i’m not all that familiar with. Wow I didn’t realise the prototype for virtual reality was that long ago! I totally agree with you, it’s amazing that all these different inventors were creative enough to think of technology that is so widely used now. I like how your post was just straight to the point and informative, good job!

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