A Global Nervous System

For this week’s topic, we examined the progression from the telegraph to cyber space and likened the world to the body, creating a global nervous system.

The quote included in my remediation is from Nathaniel Hawthorne, who inspired the vision of a ‘global village‘ from Marshall McLuhan. While the global village describes the way in which we are interconnected as we enter into the electronic age, Hawthorne originally made a more personal parallel.

Unlike McLuhan, Hawthorne wasn’t a teacher or a philosopher, he was an author. This quote was delivered by Clifford, a character in his novel, The House of Seven Gables. While much of Hawthorne’s work has been criticised as being too ambiguous, McLuhan believed that they may have been intentional. The novel is regarded as a romance, but the ambiguity used reveals “the complexity of humanity and the dilemma man faces in achieving a unified view of existence.

Frank Tremain.


One thought on “A Global Nervous System

  1. James Muggeridge August 21, 2020 / 10:04 am

    Hi Frank, I enjoyed your blog post and the GIF perfectly displays global nervous system. Conveying the new internet age as an interconnected system and a ‘village’ truly sums up the stage we are currently in. We can easily, with the touch of a finger, communicate with each-other and form relationships with the help of the internet and other ICM technologies. This is a huge leap as in the 20th century and before this was far out of reach. I will have to give the book a read!

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