Digital Artefact Beta: The 2Thousand

The 2Thousand exists on Instagram and on my blog, producing consistent Hip-Hop content including reviews, news and articles. Initially, Facebook was also going to be home to my Digital Artefact (DA) but after consideration I decided that Instagram is a more engaging and used platform by my audience, and my blog page would allow me to create in-depth articles to which my Instagram audience can be directed to.

Feedback that I received from peers and my followers has played a large role in what The 2Thousand is now. While my DA has not underwent any major changes, iterations have occurred to provide my audience with the best experience as possible.

These iterations include changing the way I grew my audience, creating stories and adding polls and music to these stories. When I first began my DA, I followed an abundance of people who followed other music blogs, hoping to quickly build an audience. But this only welcomed bot accounts who would interact with my page but then shortly after remove their actions. This taught me that I should build a genuine audience through consistent and engaging content. After 25 uploads, 80 stories and 15 blog posts, I have built an audience of 135 followers who regularly like, comment and vote.

Future goals for my DA include more articles about Hip-Hop issues, creating different series such as my Top 5 Favourites List and continuing to build an audience through consistent content that thrives off audience engagement. My passion for my DA has not dwindled throughout this process and has demonstrated that this is the type of content (music journalism) that I aim can one day be my job. From this, I have made contacts in the music scene and am currently in the process of working for another website.

Stay posted for that!

If you’d like to keep up to date with my Digital Artefact, follow my Instagram and blog!

Frank Tremain.


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