Continuing to Plan

My digital artefact is for BCM325 consists of a series of blogs and videos detailing my career plan in the next 5 years, with implications to both the short and long range future.

In the beta of my BCM325 digital artefact, I analyse the ways I can improve my feedback loops and audience to help me craft a concise and well-researched 5 year career plan with implications to the short and long range future.

Paying close to the responsibilities of futurists and trends in the future of the Australian music industry, I’m planning to focus on building a large DA audience so that I can create more public feedback loops.

With one episode left, I intend to investigate the changing nature of the music industry and digital journalism to help me understand what role I can play.

Frank Tremain.


5 thoughts on “Continuing to Plan

  1. Danielle Godden May 17, 2021 / 5:12 pm

    To begin with, I think your project is interesting, I think you’ve managed to keep to your schedule and you’re actively trying to continuously engage with the feedback loop. Slimily, I believe your work is extremely important, as it is continuously important to always show diversity and representation of other cultures within the Australian Music Industry. In terms of your project, I would love to see more relevant subject related sources. You’ve already actively identified ‘futurists’ and ‘hyper realities’, as some of the main links to the subject material you’ve been using but haven’t directly explained how it links in with your project. You explained that looking through the lens of a futurist has assisted you, but your targeted audience (e.g., a future employer) may not understand what a futurist is. Thus, in your project, you need to make it clearer. I was able to locate this article which speaks about Futurism, Fascism, and the Avant-Garde, more specifically, it directly addresses a time where Italy was in a crisis of political representation. I thought it would be beneficial to your project as it directly links with the subject materials as well as your project, where it speaks about the lack of representation within the music industry. This is the link to the article . Furthermore, I think you’ve done a great job with your target audience, and I think with what you’ve mentioned about Twitter is a good idea. Try to engage in as many feedback loops as possible, as it will give you the feedback you’re looking for and can ultimately assist you in improving your overall project. To conclude, I wish you the best of luck with your project and I’m looking forward to seeing your next instalment.

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