Digital Artefact Pitch: Eject Music

My Digital Artefact will exist on Instagram and Eject Music‘s website where I write Hip-Hop reviews, features and album analysis’. Wix is used to publish my pieces and Instagram is utilised to engage with my audience through a feedback-based loop of frequent content releases and discussions through the comment section and polls on stories.

This DA incorporates my passion/knowledge of music and journalism, similarly to my BCM112 DA. I hope to allow others and myself to immerse deeper into the Hip-Hop community and strengthen the relationship between a writer and readers. While this project is currently not monetised, I see it as a long term investment with Eject Music having the potential to grow as a company as well this work contributing to my journalism portfolio that will allow for future employment.

If you’d like to support my Digital Artefact, you can follow my Instagram or visit Eject Music for more, and consider following my blog!

Frank Tremain.


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