Digital Artefact Pitch: The 2Thousand

My Digital Artefact will exist on a number of platforms including Instagram, Facebook and a blog website. Across these platforms, I intend to upload weekly reviews and recommendations of new Hip-Hop music and discuss issues and news relating to the genre. Incorporating my passion and knowledge of music and journalism, I will be able to provide a youthful and academic view on varying topics. A strong community can be built by encouraging audience opinion in comment sections and regular voting polls that will be uploaded on stories. By doing so, The 2Thousand aims to create discussion for avid fans and act as an educational platform for the general public, recognising the positive significance of Hip-Hop on the youth and its’ growing dominance within mainstream media.

The 2Thousand Logo.

If you’d like to keep up to date with my Digital Artefact, feel free to follow my Instagram and Facebook, and consider following my blog!

Frank Tremain.


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