Digital Artefact & Contextual Essay: AUD’$

My digital artefact includes the work I produce for AUD’$, including article writing, content curating and social media managing. I developed this project because I wanted to continue my work from previous semesters and build a strong journalism portfolio.

I use Instagram and Twitter to engage with my audience and promote my articles that are uploaded on the AUD’$ website and included in a linktree link in my bio. I’m also active on the AUD’$ YouTube account where I curate music videos for their playlist. My project holds social utility for the growing community of Hip-hop in Australia who are interested in exclusive interviews, reviews and general discussion. Additionally, the project holds social utility to myself as this aligns with my future career and has been successful in helping me achieve my goals.

These were the goals I set myself from my beta. I now have:

  • 103 Twitter followers
  • 827 AUD’$ YouTube subscribers
  • 8,168 AUD’$ Instagram followers
  • 436 Instagram followers
  • 27 Average Instagram likes

The most obvious feedback loop is the likes that indicate the positive engagement I receive. Initially, I would just repost whenever AUD’$ would post my articles but the Instagram analytics described that the engagement was not as effective, so I decided to change my posting schedule to increase my engagement.

The motto of my project came from the Simplicity Cycle stating, “complexity reduces systems to irrelevancy” (Ward, 2006). After completing my beta, I felt my project was too simple so I decided to lean more into this and increase the casual interactions that I had with my audience by liking, commenting and reposting artists’ work. This adhered to the FIST principles more than what the article writing did as that would usually take me a few hours with interviewing, writing and research time.

Fortunately, I didn’t have to worry about the formatting on the website or posts so that saved time and effort on my part but did make the aesthetics out of my control. Although I perceived myself as an extension of AUD’$, I should aim to create a more unique and distinct aesthetic to increase my social utility and set it apart from the website itself.

A lot of the successes in my project happens behind the scenes, with building my network and organising interviews and exclusive listens through Instagram DM’s and email. Another thing mentioned in my beta is that my work was going to potentially be monetised. Unfortunately, due to time constraints, this hasn’t happened yet as I decided to focus on my articles that gave me the opportunity to form useful relationships with industry people. I think my DA has a strong social utility, but I also feel as though it is too rigid. By having these casual interactions with my audience, I feel as though a new social utility arose as a valuable member to the community who can also offer exclusive content.

In the future, I’d like to diversify my Instagram feed, post more random tweets and prototype the Reels feature for short form visual content that I believe will be more eye-catching and better suited to the Attention economy (Kane, 2019).

Frank Tremain.


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