Top 5 Favourites: Sydney

DISCLAIMER: This is a ‘favourite’ list based on personal opinions and should not be confused as a ‘best of’ list. If you disagree with any of the views expressed, sound off in the comments and recommend me some of your favourite artists from Chicago.

In no particular order, a list of The 2Thousand’s favourite artists from Sydney, Australia.

1. Chillinit

Unlike a lot of up and coming Australian rappers, Chillinit embraces his Australian accent and upbringing; and there’s everything to love about him. Charismatic, motivated and genuine. He has the lyrical talent to keep up with artists like Nerve and Wombat through some great Aussie culture references, but his 2018 album demonstrated his seriously skilled versatility.

Chillinit’s Must Listens:

2. Manu Crooks

The biggest artist on this list, and for a reason. Manu has incredible talent catering towards the auto-tuned Trap wave and has been recognised globally, set to perform at Rolling Loud 2019. Had the pleasure of seeing him live as support for Stormzy in early 2018 and I can say with confidence he has an increasingly big fanbase in Australia already. Won’t be long before he’ll be expanding this overseas, if not already after Rolling Loud on May 11th.

Manu’s Must Listens:

3. Yibby

Yibby is the most recent Australian artist I’ve discovered, and I’m thankful for it. Been described as Australia’s Joey Bada$$, I think Yibby provides a much needed different flavour to Australian Hip-Hop. He only has two songs released thus far, so I’m hoping for more great content from him in 2019.

Yibby’s Must Listens:

4. The Kid LAROI

Youngest on the list and one of the youngest in rap currently, Kid LAROI has the biggest potential to break into the American scene (already slowly doing so, being announced for 2019 Rolling Loud). Though he only has one song on Spotify, he has some huge hidden gems on Soundcloud and I’ve noticed the amount of time he has been spending in the studio of late. His next project is going to be huge, make sure you’ve caught on the wave before then.

LAROI’s Must Listens:

5. Kwame

A favourite of Triple J, Kwame‘s Hip-Hop began after jumping on stage with A$AP Ferg. His work since then has paid off immensely through supporting acts like the Migos and Skepta. After having a huge year of touring in 2018 and releasing his Endless Conversations. EP, I hope Kwame continues to be a new leader in Australian Hip-Hop.

Kwame’s Must Listens:

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