Networked Participation & Collective Intelligence

In March of 2016, Microsoft created Tay, an artificial intelligent chatter bot, that was live via Twitter interacting with any and all who tweeted at her. Demonstrating collective intelligence, the users on Twitter began tweeting politically incorrect phrases to her and she soon learnt from them and began using them herself.

One of TayandYou’s tweets during March 2016.

While it wasn’t Twitter that banned the account (Microsoft actually shut down the service after 16 hours of release), there have been many claims towards the banning systems of Twitter. Twitter acts as a gatekeeper within the internet paradigm however they have most notably been criticised on Joe Rogan’s podcast by American journalist Tim Pool to have a Liberal bias.

In my remediation of this week, I explore the process of getting banned on Twitter and whether this is bias towards people with a larger audience. Additionally, this week’s remediation investigates how, as the internet paradigm continues to influence everyday life, the need for gatekeepers is diminishing.

Frank Tremain.


4 thoughts on “Networked Participation & Collective Intelligence

  1. Mitchell Gibson April 7, 2019 / 12:18 pm

    Both your first example and remediation are really good understandings of both network participation and collective intelligence. I’m quite impressed with that first one, because I hadn’t even considered AI in media platforms as having that idea of collective intelligence. As for your remediation, it was really interesting in your viewpoint that gatekeepers were on the way out, being that it contrasts to the opinion in my own post. Ultimately, this post really expanded my knowledge on just how interconnected media is, especially considering the dynamic paradigms in place. Keep it up!

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  2. Sam Pitaktomorn April 7, 2019 / 1:56 pm

    This post really helped me understand the idea of gatekeepers and how they are used through such platforms as Twitter, as you mentioned. I really liked your remediation to test the banning systems on Twitter, it will definitely be interesting to see whether there is bias there or not. I definitely agree with how the internet paradigm is now apart of everyday life. Gatekeepers are becoming less & less apparent, which can be good and bad depending on the context. I think with the use of gatekeepers diminishing there is a need for more online regulation. Thanks for a great post!

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  3. lenellerose April 8, 2019 / 12:39 am

    This post was very helpful in understanding Networked participation, gatekeepers, and collective intelligence. I think the creation of Tay definitely demonstrated how intelligence can go wrong, and how we must explore both the negatives and positives of our content and creations. The remediation was also very helpful in understanding this information, and how gatekeepers are slowly diminishing within Social media platforms.

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