Top 5 Favourites: Chicago

DISCLAIMER: This is a ‘favourite’ list based on personal opinions and should not be confused as a ‘best of’ list. If you disagree with any of the views expressed, sound off in the comments and recommend me some of your favourite artists from Chicago.

In no particular order, a list of The 2Thousand’s favourite artists from Chicago, Illinois.

1. Saba

Saba was my MVP artist of last year, delivering my favourite album of 2018, CARE FOR ME. His collaborative work with Pivot Gang leaves a lot to be desired but his solo projects are consistently and undeniably great. Hopefully he can continue to produce such work.

Saba’s Must Listens:

2. Chance The Rapper

Chance The Rapper demonstrated a ridiculous amount of potential with his 2nd mixtape, Acid Rap. While I personally think Colouring Book was a let down in comparison, Chance’s musical talent cannot go unmentioned in a list about Chicago. I think his next album, set to be released in July, will cement him as a big name within today’s Hip-Hop.

Chance’s Must Listens:

3. Kanye West

One of Chicago’s greatest musical acts, Ye has never been a stranger to controversy. That being said, he has also never been a stranger to GOOD music (excuse the pun). From producing to rapping, West has one of the best discographies of any rapper and is expected to continue this with the soon to be released Yandhi.

Ye’s Must Listens:

4. Noname

My favourite female rapper, Noname encapsulates Chicago’s soul and jazz influence in her work. While Room 25 didn’t quite satisfy me the same way that Telefone did, she still has a short, sweet and promising discography. Definitely one of the more under appreciated Chicago artists.

Noname’s Must Listens:

5. Juice WRLD

Probably the hottest artist on this list, Juice WRLD‘s fame is more than deserved. Though he has the weakest discography of everyone on this list, I think Juice WRLD still shows an amazing amount of potential and will continue to dominate the charts like he has in the past year and a half.

Juice’s Must Listens:

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