Digital Artefact Pitch: AUD’$

The inspirations behind my DA include Off The Clef and different journalists I see engaging more consistently online. This will exist on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and the AUD’$ website. While YouTube is used for the curation of new Hip-Hop music videos, my articles will be published through the website and advertised on my Instagram and Twitter.

Inspiration examples: @otchiphop / @benmaddenwriter

The articles produced for AUD’$ will include anything related to Hip-Hop in Australia, from reviews, interviews and features. Although currently not monetised, I see this as crafting a journalism portfolio for myself and gaining the necessary contacts and experience.

This combines my passion of music and journalism and builds upon previous DA’s in BCM112 and BCM114. My primary goals for this semester is to continue curating and producing regular content to gain followers and contacts.

If you’d like to support my Digital Artefact, you can follow my Instagram, Twitter and the AUD’$ YouTube, or visit AUD’$ for more.

Frank Tremain.


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