Digital Artefact Beta: AUD’$

My digital artefact consists of the journalism work I do for AUD’$, an Australian Hip-Hop website. This includes writing feature pieces, interviews with artists and reviews of newly released projects as well as the curating of music videos for their YouTube playlist.

Original Aim:

  • Build a strong journalism portfolio relating to the Australian Hip-hop scene.
  • Expand network with relevant artists, journalists, videographers, managers, publicists, etc.
  • Curate music videos every two-three days and produce an article every two weeks or so.

New Aim: Based on Feedback Loops

  • Continue consistently curating content and building a network and journalism portfolio.
  • Produce articles more frequently.
  • Make more casual use of Twitter and Instagram.
  • Begin to monetize digital artefact through new article offer.
  • Pay more attention to analytics to increase engagement.


Discussions in my tutorials have made me realise that some of my engagement with artists is ‘bot’ like, with generic emojis or comments on their posts. Moving forward, I want to start being more of a real voice within this network. I have already begun following a lot more relevant people to try and widen my reach and as you can see, I’ve set myself some analytic goals for the rest of the year.

A lot of the successes and progress that is made with my digital artefact often happens behind the scenes with emails, DM’s and early access to music and videos. While these interactions aren’t publicly accessible, they are building blocks to future articles and endeavours that will soon be shared. For October, I already have at least three articles prepared so I’m planning to finish my digital artefact with plenty of exclusive content and exciting news. This will also allow me to start implementing the information I’ve received from my feedback loops

Frank Tremain.


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