Career Planning: Moriboys (Episode 2)

Streetwear fashion has been embedded in my life since a young age, and exists in the music I listen to, the movies I watch and even the sports I enjoy. Relying on elements greater than just clothing, the streetwear scene continues to be greatly influenced by the Hip-hop scene. From the evolution of NBA style to rappers and their designer collaborations, Hip-hop culture has evolved streetwear fashion from a fringe subculture to one of the most dominant force in popular culture.

Despite being in the early days in my career as a creative within Hip-hop in Australia, I feel an undeniable urge to further extend Hip-hop’s influence on Australian streetwear fashion. So in November of 2020, I conceived the idea of my clothing brand, Moriboys. Moriboys is dedicated to providing luxury quality, streetwear merchandise and aims to celebrate the culture and creatives within Australia’s Hip-hop scene. This clothing brand is grounded in the inevitability of death and the empowering nature of our own mortality, inspired by the Latin phrase ‘Memento Mori’ meaning ‘remember you must die.’

From learning about Future Studies in week three of BCM325, I’m able to better understand the practice of predicting the future and the ways in which I can contribute. As Hip-hop began in the United States, we can attribute its history as our own crystal ball or oracle. By learning the history of Hip-hop and its globalisation across continents and evolution in popular culture, we’re able to make predictions about Hip-hop’s own development within Australia. I am hesitant to suggest that Australia’s scene will follow the same path as Hip-hop in the U.S, however, if we treat it more as a possible future, we’re able to start planning for a more preferable future.

In this week’s video episode, I explore the history of Hip-hop in Australia in relation to streetwear fashion and culture. I focus on some of my favourite Australian brands and their contributions to the scene to help me shape my own future plan for Moriboys and the role I hope this brand plays.

Below, I have planned out brief Moriboys plans for the short, medium and long range future. These include:

Short Range:

  • Bulk order tees and contact local screen printers.
  • Finalise logo.
  • Enhance social media presence with more activity.

Medium Range:

  • Organise shipping and website logistics.
  • Release Collection 1.
  • Release collaborative collection.

Long Range:

  • Sponsor artists and events.
  • Build a team of graphic designers.
  • Release regular drops of an assortment of items including tees, hoodies, shorts etc.

Moriboys is still in an early development stage and these plans will continue to evolve as my brand grows, however, it’s a convincing start to the overall impact that I hope to have on Hip-hop culture in Australia. If you’d like to support my brand, you can find us on Instagram and Facebook!

Frank Tremain.


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