Digital Artefact Beta: Eject Music

My Digital Artefact is the work I produce for Eject Music along with an Instagram account where I promote my pieces and create further conversation around Hip-Hop related topics.

Original Aim:

  • Make the Hip-Hip category the most popular on the Eject Music website.
  • Build journalism portfolio.
  • Connect readers to the writer with a space to engage in Hip-Hop related discourse.


  • 210 followers. Although my following hasn’t increased as significantly as the earlier stages, I am starting to see better engagement as I diversify my content.
  • Average of 30 Instagram likes and 16 website article likes.
  • Average 110 views per story.

My reviews allow for a constant feedback loop of my audiences preferences and revealed that some of my audience were not engaging with these reviews. This led to trying different types of content as I wanted to build my journalism portfolio with different styles and deliver a more interactive space for users.

The voting bracket that I conducted received the most engagement yet and showed how my audience likes to interact with content and what artists they like. The voting bracket helped create more of a conversation as I had a lot of people private messaging me and expressing their views through the votes but I would love to see more of a public discourse.

For my other types of content I’ve started adding “let me know what you thought” to encourage this.

Other feedback loops I receive come from my editor who mediates my content and guides my articles. While this is useful, and I learn from it as a professional, Instagram removes this type of gatekeeping and I’m able to more casually interact with users. I’m excited to continue working with my project by experimenting with regular content to better my engagement and deliver something of value to users.

Frank Tremain.


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