The Internet of Things in Music

For the last week of BCM206, we looked at the Internet of Things, describing the network of physical objects that are embedded with software, sensors and other technologies for the purpose of connecting and exchanging data.

I wanted to tie this week’s topic in with a passionate interest of mine – the music industry. I began to research how IoT are beginning to influence the music industry and came across this article from Allerin. They refer to three ways in which IoT are playing a role in the music industry through remote performances, rhythmic vibrations and auto-tuned instruments.

This inspired my remediation for this week, where I ask when will the mouse replace our fingers? I wonder if Artificial Intelligence and IoT will be able to advance to a point where they will be able to create beats for artists based on the data of popular music at the time and the type of music the artist wants to create.

This may already be a thing, so let me know if you find anything! But it’s interesting to think if IoT will be able to create its own art based on algorithms and the sensors we give off based on our reactions. Whether this happens or not, I don’t think IoT will ever be able to create the same level of ambitious and imaginative artistry that musicians offer.

Frank Tremain.


2 thoughts on “The Internet of Things in Music

  1. michaelashales November 1, 2020 / 2:13 pm

    Hey Frank! Great blog post this week! I really liked how you linked this weeks topic to one of your interests which is music. I also did something similar in my post where I spoke about devices such as Alexa being able to listen to our every move. Your post also made me think about how these devices in the future might be able to control other things as well.

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  2. toriachan November 1, 2020 / 11:24 pm

    Hey Frank great blog for this week i love how you put your own interest about this weeks topic and explored. I did something different on my post where i explained what Iot was and how it is used. I personally find it so interesting but also a little bit creepy how all our devices keep track of everything we are doing

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