Algorithmic Control III: Privacy, Surveillance & The Price of Content

Being absent from my first BCM112 lecture, I thought it would be hard for me to understand this week’s topic. However, after examining the lecture slides and undertaking my own research, I realised that the topic of privacy, surveillance and the price of content is something that we can all too well relate to. While some companies such as Facebook and Google have denied claims that they’re always listening, there has been plenty of evidence to argue otherwise such as the video embedded below.

While I have adblocker on, I’m not affected by this sort of surveillance however just by being on the internet, my information is being collected, categorised and potentially sold. Regardless whether you’ve deleted or unliked your embarrassing Facebook posts from year 7, your data trace lives on and that information has circulated to a range of different companies and organisations. Even if you haven’t posted anything at all, your devices are always listening…

And it doesn’t matter what you think about it, because at this stage it’s likely you’ve already agreed to the terms of conditions.

Frank Tremain.


One thought on “Algorithmic Control III: Privacy, Surveillance & The Price of Content

  1. cass zaucer May 29, 2019 / 10:30 pm

    I took a different approach to this blog post. I spoke about how the reward cards from shops use that as a type of surveillance on their customers. Your post however, is very true. Whether Facebook or Google are or are not always listening, they still have gained all of our information from likes etc.

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