Peer Review 1

This semester I’ll be actively engaging with a lot of the digital artefacts this semester, but these two in particular I have chosen for my peer reviews.


CONCEPT: The concept of Mugg Sports is to write feel-good articles about sports players and their contributions both on and off the field. While James is using Instagram as his primary platform, I suggest utilising Twitter as well, as its a better platform for marketing off-app links and there is a large audience of journalists for you to network your portfolio with. The project’s concept is not restricted by any particular sport of media form which I think is a great choice, as it allows him to prototype a range of different content and find what works best for him and his audience.

METHODOLOGY: James intends to post an article and 1-3 IG posts a week which I think is an achievable place to start but he didn’t outline too many content ideas that he had for the future. The best thing about making podcasts and longer form articles is that you’re able to take highlights from them and upload it to Instagram Reels as repurposed content. He has also emphasised that he’ll be paying close attention to his feedback loops and will continue to evolve his content accordingly. I found in past semesters that posting stories asking for direct feedback through polls was an easy way to gain engagement and get a better understanding of your audiences interests, habits etc. It’s the perfect opportunity to include more of the FIST elements and create feedback loops for yourself!

UTILITY: James has a range of inspirations for his project and if I could suggest one more, I think a page like Complex Sports is a great example of an aesthetically pleasing and informative account. James’ project is definitely relevant to his own personal utility but also to a targeted audience of sports fan interested in player’s life both in and out of sports.

PITCH: The pitch for Mugg Sports shows James’ early ideation and prototyping stages with promising signs of feedback loops and a clear outline of the DA’s concept, methodology and utility. Similar to my own, I think this pitch could have included more reference to the subject learnings but overall, it’s a great start to a digital artefact and I’m looking forward to following it throughout the semester.


CONCEPT: Lara’s project is a customised embroidery business targeting the market of sentimental and anniversary related gifts. Like Lara, my primary digital artefact is the website and selling products, however, I would suggest prototyping other content that can help grow the audience and market the business. Lara mentioned Tik Tok as one of the platforms she’ll use which I think will be a great place for her to share inspiration photos of potential embroidery ideas and BTS content of making the product. This will also help with the FIST element inclusion as it’s allowing her to make easy content off the back of other content! Another platform I’ve started using is Pinterest, as I’ve found it super helpful in creating my brand aesthetic and getting ideas for designs.

METHODOLOGY: Lara has a clear idea of her targeted audience and while I do believe she’ll see a lot of success from this niche, I would be interested to see if this changes over time. One of her main examples showing the production process was from a movie, and I think that is another market that she could tap into – not only people’s own personal photos but their favourite movie, tv show, book etc. With this in mind, I’m not sure of the copyright limitations here so it might be a bit tricky!

UTILITY: Lara’s project has a strong public utility, the biggest problem I think Lara will have is learning to stand out in the crowd of her competitors. She has done her thorough research into her inspirations and the field which will help her ideate what makes her business unique. I think if she capitalises on her feedback loops by paying close attention to them and reacting accordingly, her unique utility will begin to emerge more clearly.

PITCH: Lara’s pitch demonstrates a comprehensive guide to her digital artefact’s concept, methodology and utility, as well as the production process. Similar to my own, I also think this pitch could have included more reference to the subject learnings but again, I’m looking forward to following it throughout the semester.

Frank Tremain.


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