Moriboys (Digital Artefact Pitch)

For my digital artefact (DA) this semester, I decided to focus on my Hip-hop focused streetwear clothing brand, Moriboys. The long-term goal of my DA is to be able to create alternative income streams for artists and service audiences with high-quality merchandise.

Content is the trigger of customer interaction (Rahal, 2021). This is why my project will consist of posting frequent content across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok and Spotify. The type of content I will produce will include BTS of a clothing brand, prototyping designs, photoshoots, relevant starter pack targeted content and Spotify playlist updates (primarily of local acts to promote Australia’s Hip-hop scene). This is subject to change depending on the feedback loops and my further research into what content is suited to what platform and what content is worth repurposing. FEFO will come into play a lot here, as well as the prototyping and testing of designs and materials. There are also FIST elements in my DA but I’m hoping to increase its presence throughout the semester.

The target audience of my project includes fans of streetwear culture and Australian hip-hop, typically aged between 18-24. While it’s mainly male dominated (70%), I do consider my products unisex so I hope to see this gender disparity level out throughout the semester.

As I have little experience in graphic design, I am working with a Brisbane-based designer as well as my local manufacturer to create the logo and product designs. This is something I’m hoping to have less dependency on later on in the semester to give myself more creative control and be more independent as a brand. From working in the Australian music industry, I have a well-versed understanding of my primary audience and what gaps are needed to be filled by a clothing brand. However, over the next couple of weeks, I will be focusing my research on marketing as a fashion brand and graphic design.

Moriboys was created before this semester, and I plan to continue it afterwards, so this will be a great opportunity to begin laying the foundation of content and building my audience.

If you’d like to support my Digital Artefact, you can follow Moriboys on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok and Spotify.

Frank Tremain.


2 thoughts on “Moriboys (Digital Artefact Pitch)

  1. Melanie Nickl August 22, 2021 / 12:34 pm

    Hey Frank,

    Can I just say, wow. Not being too far into the session you’ve got a really good idea of the scope and trajectory that your DA will lead to. I saw that this has been a project you’ve been working in before this session but I’m excited to see where the next few months takes you.

    Doing some reading on how the pandemic has impacted smaller musicians its actually really sad to read that people aren’t able to fulfil their dreams at the moment – especially in terms of playing live. however I like how your concept allows for the generation of interest around these artists to grow which when the pandemic is over will lead to a number of potential fans following what started as your BCM Project.

    When it comes to starting a clothing brand – I agree it isn’t very fast or inexpensive however I did like how you acknowledged that the way you’re going to introduce the FIST methodology will be by creating posts and playlists. these methods aren’t time-consuming like brand creation is- however I hope to see that you are able to achieve the clothing label.

    You mentioned in your accompanying blog that the clothing is more targeted at males however can be identified as unisex. There is a huge market at the moment for “alt’ clothing and I think if you used the right hashtags and commented/engaged with the right peoples posts you’d be able to engage with a target audience which wouldn’t leave you changing your designs astronomically. Please remember – there is a target for everything, you’ve just got to find it. Typically women spend a lot more money on clothing as well so if you were to target your mercy right I don’t see why you couldn’t get a launch/PR list for when your brand eventually makes it to sale.

    All that being said, I really love what you’re concept includes. I think it will be very beneficial to local Australian artists and to the clothing industry so I’m excited to see what comes of your Project. Im excited to see how the production process goes I definitely think you should do some behind the scenes posts of designs with polls, Q&As and more so that you’re able to get engagement and incorporate that into your feedback loop.

    Im going to go follow your instagram so I can see how your project progresses throughout session.
    All the best,


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