Future Career Planning

“People are coming to realise that they must take responsibility for the future, both for their own individual futures and collectively, for the shared future of all humankind” (Bell, 1997).

In my final year of university, I feel a responsibility to begin planning my future career path. Though I have started in the field I am passionate about, I feel a strong responsibility to continue this in a more well-researched manner to help the Australian Hip-hop scene reach an international level.

My BCM325 digital artefact will consist of a five-year career plan that will also investigate the future of music journalism and Hip-hop in Australia. Through analysing the history of Hip-hop and researching academic sources regarding career planning, I will be able to make future predictions and shape my career plan around this.

Frank Tremain.


8 thoughts on “Future Career Planning

  1. jtownsend17 March 25, 2021 / 3:16 pm

    Hi Frank,
    I am really excited by your digital artefact and it is something I too am interested in. I think the future of music is something that will be drastically impacted by evolving technologies like you mention in your pitch. From what I can gather about your digital artefact you are trying to develop a strong portfolio; I feel this will certainly help you in your future in journalism. Within your pitch you discuss people with similar interests and projects, collaboration could be something in the future to discuss your ideas and bounce off each other and gain another perspective. It was a little unclear about what media and content you were going to incorporate within your blog posts and your method of research, which is something I look forward to seeing. Your timeline is strong and already having an idea of your blogs for the future is great. You are aware you might have to change the blog posts slightly from evolving and future technologies, as journalism and the music industry is something that I believe will be dramatically impacted.

    The future of the music industry is something I also am doing for my digital artefact, specifically the rise of music service industries over the next 10 years. For blog post one I found a journal article that I feel could help you “Co-evolution between streaming and live music leads a way to the sustainable growth of music industry”. This article explores the connection between streaming services and how live music can lead to a more sustainable future. I feel hip-hop artists do partake in a lot of live music performances from my personal experience and I feel this could be insightful to see how this could impact artists in the future.

    I believe that Spotify and other music streaming services are aspects to very much consider as evolving technologies are inevitable and the way of the future. Soundcloud, Spotify and similar streaming services make it easier for independent artists to have their music heard and create a name for themselves. The quote you used in your blog posts “People are coming to realise that they must take responsibility for the future, both for their own individual futures and collectively, for the shared future of all humankind” (Bell, 1997). The quote just enforces how evolving technologies make streaming services a way of the future and how we need to be aware of the impact we create on the future.

    I very much look forward to seeing where you go with your digital artefact. Well done!

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  2. paige sutton March 30, 2021 / 1:43 pm

    Hi Frank! I really admire that you are using this assessment to speculate a future that will eventually be your own – I think that is a great personal approach. Your pitch was very concise and clear which made it really easy to see the direction you want to go. For your actual DA blog posts, I think a wide range of audio and visual components could really help drive home the points you plan to make.

    I think it will be interesting to see which analytical approach you take to map out the future, but I think something in the right direction is looking at the past of your industry. An academic piece by Beatrice Jetto called “Music blogs as cultural gatekeepers: a typological framework of music blogs” dives into the historical development of music blogs and interviews which I think would be super relevant to your DA.

    Something I struggled with in my pitch that I can see was maybe missing from yours was the actual methodology of how you will map your future trajectory. I appreciate that there is a clear public audience and other career planning resources, but I think pulling more from the lecture and subject content would be a great addition to your work.

    Can’t wait to see your first post! 🙂

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  3. Rachel Weisz April 1, 2021 / 9:22 am

    Hey Frank! Amazing pitch on the future of technology in the music industry! As someone who is focusing their pitch on her own clothing brand, I found it super interesting that you are going to implement your own into your blog post. My pitch is on the future of social media marketing for small businesses. I believe that social media is extremely important for businesses and brands including your own personal brand. For the future, it is a great idea to expand your brand and so having a clothing line (with the same niche/audience as your music) can direct more views and engagement to your music which is what you ultimately want. As long that it stays relevant to your main goal which is future career planning in correlation with your music career I believe that implementing this as a tactic to get your personal music brand noticed is incredibly smart!

    Here is my pitch if you wanted to look at it and therefore figure out exactly how you want to use your clothing brand to benefit your music career: https://afreckledmess.home.blog/2021/03/19/the-future-of-social-media-marketing-the-pitch/ Here is also an article on the future of social media marketing https://shanebarker.com/blog/future-of-social-media-marketing/ which is important not only to the clothing brand side of your digital artefact but also your music career as social media is extremely important in this day and age to get your work noticed. Hope this helps!


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