Media Ownership: Does It Matter?

“The polarisation that is devouring Australia’s politics is reflected in the increasingly stark polarisation of the country’s professional mass media” (Muller, 2018).

With media ownership in Australia among the most concentrated in the world, I believe this is why we need to be actively consuming our news from multiple sources. The Australian media is owned primarily by media moguls such as Bruce Gordon, Janet Cameron, John Singleton, Kerry Stokes and Rupert and Lachlan Murdoch (AMCA, 2019). I don’t necessarily believe that media ownership matters when it comes to the entertainment news I consume because this is largely an area where I don’t look for specifics. The main news I consume from the entertainment industry is the latest releases of movies and music and in relation to that news, media ownership is irrelevant. However, when I look to consume news regarding the reporting of current affairs and politics, media ownership plays a crucial role in my trust within the news I consume.

In 2006, Australian Senator Helen Coonan stated that “traditional media services are being challenged by new digital technologies and this is resulting in the emergence of new players, new content and new platforms.” Although this may be true, the ownership of mass media is still not overly diverse (Donovan, 2011). This is why it is imperative in today’s socio-political environment to be actively consuming news media from multiple sources, allowing us to create our own opinion based on several perspectives. Thankfully, the digital age has introduced an ease of accessibility to a wide variety of news outlets however the choice is still in our hands.

In the above image, provided from the ACMA, it depicts the spread of ownership within Australia, demonstrating that just because you are consuming news from two different outlets that doesn’t mean you are consuming media from two different owners. In my opinion, this is why I believe that it is our responsibility as a consumer to be aware of today’s media ownership and to vary our intake of media from various outlets, owners and platforms. Media ownership matters, but what matters more is our awareness of this and our ability to understand and recognise owners abuse of their power to promote whatever message they see fit.

Frank Tremain.


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6 thoughts on “Media Ownership: Does It Matter?

  1. cass zaucer April 2, 2019 / 1:14 am

    Wow, I really enjoyed reading this post! I completely agree with how it is the consumers responsibility to access news from different sources to get a variety of perspectives and to also access news produced by different owners. The use of images and graphs, as well as quotes were really insightful and relevant. It allows readers to gain a deeper understanding of your views on media ownership. I also took a similar view on this week’s lecture topic, talking about how it doesn’t really matter who owns the media although it is always good to be cautious of such things when it comes to your privacy and personal details. Looking forward to more of your blogs!

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  2. Jackson Reid April 3, 2019 / 9:47 am

    As a prospective journalist, what do you think are some ways we can ensure a non-biased, truly free media? With such influential figures such as Rupert Murdoch in control of all these things, do you think it could be intimidating for a new journalist to resist reporting biased of unfairly because that’s what they’re superiors want them to do?

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  3. brrittos April 11, 2019 / 2:06 am

    Hello! You have a very engaging blog and I like that you acknowledged that in todays society we need to ‘actively consume news media from multiple sources’. The image that you provided to fit in with your blog post was beneficial in allowing your readers to get a greater understanding of who owns our media and how many people are associated with the news that we read. It was also quite interesting that you said ‘understand and recognise owners abuse of their power’ because that is a problem that not only todays society has to deal with but also future generations and in you helping to push forward this understanding of people abusing their power to promote their message is amazing. Good work.

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  4. Mishelletoms April 11, 2019 / 4:07 am

    I take my hat off to you for acknowledging that today we need too ‘actively consume news media from multiple sources’! and I appreciate your honesty in regards to knowing when high profile people abuse their power. I think this is something that does not cross our minds. I love your first image! it is so powerful and such an eye opener. I love how you hyper link the quotes as well. So effective and efficient and is proof that high profile people abuse their power for their own needs.
    And a comment that is most likely not as relevant but I love how you end the blog with your name. I feel that is so professional. Your blogs are knowledgeable and fun to read!!

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    • franktremain April 11, 2019 / 5:07 am

      Thanks!! I definitely think the power of these high profile people comes from our own ignorance and blindness. I didn’t know how to sign off on my first blog so I just did my name but now it’s stuck hahaha, thank you though!


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